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JMIR 2017


"Sensorless" (passive) sensing is an adaptive approach that repurposes data from existing devices or data extracted from sensors embedded in everyday objects to passively measure stress, and performance.


AI-enbled multimodal stress sensing: Combining biochemical (cortisol) sensors with biomechanical passive stress sensors. [NSF - SenSE]

Biomechanical stress sensing:

Biochemical stress sensing:

Clinical Stress: Use PC mouse to detect stress and predict burnout among clinical workers. 

Mentaid: Cortisol Stress Sensing. Studying the best locations for skin-like sensors for cortisol detection from sweat.

Fast & Furious: Turning the car into an affective sensor.


Biomechanical Stress
Stress Tracker - Detecting acute stress with a trackpad.

Moustress -

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