We have two key areas of study: sensorless sensing and subtle interventions. Our projects aim to design not only useful and efficient wellbeing interventions, but also passive behavioral and affective sensors.



"Sensorless" (passive) sensing is an adaptive approach that repurposes data from existing devices or data extracted from sensors embedded in everyday objects to passively measure stress, and performance.​


AI-enbled multimodal stress sensing: Combining biochemical (cortisol) sensors with biomechanical passive stress sensors. 

Clinical Stress: Use PC mouse to detect stress and predict burnout among clinical workers. 

Mentaid: Cortisol Stress Sensing. Studying the best locations for skin-like sensors for cortisol detection from sweat.

Fast & Furious: Turning the car into an affective sensor.

Biomechanical stress: Detecting acute stress with peripherals.  Stress Tracker - detecting acute stress with a trackpad.

  MouStress - detecting stress with a computer mouse.

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This is our forward thinking theoretical ideas where we believe engineering can enable new frontiers of research in behavioral and health sciences. We propose ideas such as leveraging automation to enable non-volitional behavior change, or leveraging haptic entrainment to enable subliminal breathing regulation.


Haunted Desk: Non-volitional behavior change with robotic furniture

Dogbot: Desktop emotion regulation robot for K-12 students


Subbreathe: Subliminal entrainment of breathing and hearth rate through haptic stimuli embedded in everyday furniture.


Driving withe the Fishes: Mixed reality stress Regulation, e.g. combining VR and a moving vehicle

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We design interventions that balance efficacy and engagement for everyday stress management to promote wellbeing and mental health. We modify cyber and physical spaces to deliver micro or subtle interventions with minimal to no distraction to the user.


Home Sweet Office (HSO): Repurposing popular media into coping strategies for people working from home.

HSO Latin America: Stress and productivity management for Latin American and Spanish speaking communities.


Home Sweet School (HSS): Leveraging browsers to support emotional regulation of COVID-19 K12 distance learning education.​


PopBots: An "army" of tiny chatbots for stress and sleep.

Mindful Commute: Turning the car into a stress regulation space.